The Barnabas Award

With my youngest in the baby carrier in France

We had just arrived in France for our summer break when I opened my Gmail on my phone before going to bed… In my inbox there was a notification from WordPress. I had been nominated for The Barnabas Award! Thanks so much Tina from God’s kid Speaks blog for thinking of me! As I have only just started blogging I was greatly surprised and encouraged by this nomination! Check out Tina’s amazing blog here: As you can imagine, I was too excited to sleep that night so I started thinking of the bloggers that have inspired and encouraged me in return.

First, about the Barnabas Award. This is how it works: the award is given to those that have encouraged and inspired others and the idea is that the nominees pass on the encouragement by nominating other bloggers.

Read all about the why’s and how’s of the Barnabas award in Tina’s blog.

This award is meant to encourage those who receive it. While there is no obligation to respond and to nominate others, it is a great way to appreciate those who bring hope and inspiration through their writing.

Quote taken from:

If you are nominated and want to pass on the affirmation, do the following things:

Thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog. Think of five bloggers that encourage and inspire you and nominate them. List five things about yourself and answer the questions. Lastly, ask your nominees five questions. Why five? Because it is the number that signifies grace.

Here are my nominees:

In no particular order πŸ˜‰

My Lord Katie ( This blogger writes about women and Christianity and hereby combines my love for history with a passion for the empowerment of women. I’m a bit of a Jesus Feminist if you like so I love reading blogs that inspire me to be the woman God’s calling me to be. And learning from history is so much fun! Check out her blog, it’s well worth it!

Kingdom Calling blog This lovely lady was my mentor at TSM (Training for Supernatural Ministry) and Sarah has been both an example of authenticity to me in the last year & my inspiration to write again. Her blog is truly amazing, full of wisdom and prophetic insight. Have a peek at this gem of a blog:

I have been following this blogging family for a while now and Heidi writes inspiring stories from her time living in Africa as an expat. Here’s her blog:

I find it truly inspirational because as an expat myself (from the Netherlands in the UK) I enjoy reading about other mums making it work in a new place. Plus my husband works a lot in East-Africa so I thought I might start to read up in case we move to Nairobi ourselves!

This next blogger is an inspiration to me as she lives out this scripture:

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behaviour, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children.

Titus 2:3-4 English Standard Version (ESV)

Nanette’s blog called Faithrunner (link: is rich in wisdom. Her insight in motherhood and parenting and knowledge of the Word of God has won her this nomination. She has greatly encouraged me with her blog, as an older mother to a younger mother, thank you!

AND last but not least: Jennifer Arimborgo’s blog Feeding on Jesus ( is a great one as it combines many of my own interests (intercession, prayer, motherhood, ministry and a love for Jesus) and it’s great to read of other women following Jesus with a great passion! She is such a gifted writer and explains the things of God in a wonderful way. Here’s an example of one of her beautiful blogposts:

5 things about myself

  1. My favourite flowers are poppies and sunflowers. Poppies are delicate and bright red (my favourite colour!) and sunflowers are bold, something I aspire to be!
  2. I could eat chili con carne almost every day so I cook it quite a lot, to my husbands’ despair!
  3. My old time favourite laugh-out-loud movie is Mrs Doubtfire. Especially the bit when the mask flies out of the window and Robin Williams ‘needs a face’ (See YouTube clip below). Hilarious! If I’m down, this movie always makes me laugh!
  4. I’m a massive fan of the books and podcasts by Kris Vallotton and his work has really helped me to get free from anxiety ( I would listen so often that my husband would ask : How’s Kris today? when coming back home from work. I was lucky enough to meet Kris in the flesh in our church but was too shy to ask him for prayer or to compliment him on his work! Yep….So here we go Kris, thanks so much for your books and podcasts!
  5. I am fluent in Frisian, an old (and dying) language related to Old-English and I love teaching languages (I’m an ESOL tutor and teach Dutch online). My first name Tjiskjen is Frisian (It’s a very old Germanic name, a more modern version is Tsjitske (which is the name I go by in life) and means: sweet child of the people.

Questions for me:

  1. If you could meet a person face to face (who’s either dead or alive) other than Jesus, who would it be? and why? I would like to meet my daughter Tessa Johanna, who I never got to meet as she died when I was 24 weeks pregnant in 2014. I know I will meet her one day in heaven but I would love to see her little face and tell her I miss her and love her very much.
  2. What do you want people to remember about you I would like to be remembered as someone who cares and is kind. And someone who has done good in her life, for others, bringing God’s kingdom in power and in truth so others can live free.
  3. Name 3 people in your life who have been your biggest encouragers My biggest encouragers would have to be my parents, my aunt Dirkje and my husband. They have prayed for me, encouraged me to be the person I am now and have helped me in times of trouble. But mostly they have listened and prayed, which is the most important thing always.
  4. Name something that you’re very passionate about and why it’s so important to you. This is not a difficult one, as it would have to be my children. They are my world. But as far as other passions go: I am very passionate about learning more. I love reading and studying comes naturally to me. I love scientific research, especially in the field of cultural anthropology and history of the family, which were the majors of my Master’s degree in Child & Family studies. But I also enjoy reading theology books by N.T. Wright for example, or learning a new language on Duolingo (currently trying French and Arabic) for fun. As long as there are books I’m easily entertained.
  5. A quote, poem or scripture that’s very inspiring to you. The first scripture that springs to mind is Psalm 37:4: Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. It really encourages me to keep my focus on God and find my joy in His salvation and then Father God, in His goodness, will actually give me the things I deeply long for! Sometimes not even knowing what I desire but He does know, as He knows me better than I know myself. Such a comforting verse.

My questions to my nominees:

Here’s what I would like to know about my nominees.

My first question is: If you were a biblical character, who would you be or want to be and why.

Secondly, what’s your go-to scripture in times of need?

Can you name an author or podcast that you’re currently reading or that you’re listening to?

Question number 4 is: which of the beatitudes inspires and encourages you and why?

and question number 5 is: which country would you like to visit?

Looking forward to reading your answers! Keep up the encouraging blogging and keep blessing others! x Tjiskjen


5 thoughts on “The Barnabas Award

  1. I enjoyed reading through all of your answers and getting to know a little more about you! I’ll have to check out the blogs you nominated! 😊


  2. Thank you so very much, Tjiskjen! I am truly honored that you would consider me for this nomination. And I really enjoyed reading about you! I am a big fan of Kris too, and smiled at the question your husband would ask you. Much love and a big hug to you!


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