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More than rubies

Jesus, lover of my soul, Jesus I will never let you you remember these lyrics from a well known worship song in the nineties? Whilst I was thinking of how to start this blog, this song popped into my mind. I pondered why this song would pop up now. I guess I always found… Continue reading More than rubies

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I’ve called you by name

You will never say that name again, he screamed... Hitting me on my shoulder and leg with a metal bar of some kind. I didn't feel the pain in that moment but saw the bruises later in the morning light. In the middle of the night, before my friend's wedding the next day, my then… Continue reading I’ve called you by name


You define me No whisper can accuseNo rumour can undoThe words You speak over meNo lie can ever breakNo shame can ever stealThe words You speak over meYou're speaking over me! Only Your words, define meYou tell me who I amOnly Your love, can hold meYou make me who I amYou define meYou define me The author… Continue reading You define me


Beloved, forgiven and holy…how to live out of this identity #Jesus-who-do-you-say-I am?

I'm a Christian, following Jesus Christ as well as I can. Which is not very well for the most part. Luckily for me it's not really about my effort and all about His grace for me! For the last academic year I've been doing a course called TSM (Training for supernatural ministry) and although I… Continue reading Beloved, forgiven and holy…how to live out of this identity #Jesus-who-do-you-say-I am?